Feb 11, 2021

The Bill is Back in Town: Sen. Jacobson Clarifies his Plan to Ban “Outdoor” Cannabis Grows


fter drafting a peculiar bill to ban “outdoor” grows - a qualifier that had the potential to include greenhouses and hoop houses - Senator Tom Jacobson (D-Great Falls) has reintroduced the bill with clear language that should relieve concerned providers and growers. 

Yesterday, February 10, SB 209 was referred to the Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation Committee for an upcoming hearing; as of this writing, a date has not been set for the hearing.

In the revised version of the bill, an indoor grow is defined as existing “within a permanent structure using artificial light exclusively or to supplement natural sunlight; or 12 (b) a greenhouse, hoop house, or similar structure that protects the plants from variable temperature, precipitation, and wind.”

Outdoor grows are defined as “live plants growing in an area exposed to natural sunlight and 7 environmental conditions including variable temperature, precipitation, and wind.”

Senator Jacobson was not available for immediate comment.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.