Feb 1, 2021

Firefly Pairs Exceedingly Welcoming Service with Top-Notch Flower


hat would happen if you took the coziness and good cheer of your favorite neighborhood bar and wove it into the DNA of a medical marijuana dispensary? You’d probably end up with something like Firefly. 

Tucked away on a quiet street just north of downtown Missoula, the craft dispensary Firefly serves as a valuable reminder that, as adult-use cannabis inches towards implementation, small businesses that are the backbone - and the gems - of our cannabis community.

As anyone who has ventured into a store or restaurant in recent months can attest, signaling warmth and welcome from behind a face mask is no easy task, but Firefly owner Jerry Spurlock possesses a sunniness that simply can’t be covered up (Jerry declined to be photographed for this post). His shop is equally disarming. Boasting high ceilings, gorgeous wooden floors and a cozy array of couches, it’s the kind of place where you want to sit down and not leave for a good long while. Jars of big, healthy buds fill up a display case towards the back of the store, daring you to try them all.

Montana Silvertip, Royal Purple Kush and Gorilla Zkittlez from Firefly

On a recent visit, I decided to sample a small amount of three excellent (and affordable) strains: a sumptuous Montana Silvertip hybrid, a mild Royal Purple Kush and a dazzling Gorilla Zkittlez. I’d recommend any of them, but the Zkittlez was the winner: clocking in at 27% THC, it provided a thoroughly soothing and sedating high. But it was its terpene profile - overflowing with fruity notes and cakey sweetness - that made it such a standout.

From decadent strains to excellent service, Firefly is the kind of dispensary that showcases our industry at its best.

To learn more about Firefly, check out their website or Facebook page.